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We provide the best quality product for our customers with wide range of industrial tablets and pc for different industrial purpose. . Comprehensive rugged computing solutions for specialized industry applications.

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Elpro industrial mobile computing solutions are rugged yet versatile. Built for harsh environment, Elpro industrial tablet and handheld are drop resistant, dust and water ingress protection. We make Rugged Computer Supplier India, Rugged Tablet Manufacture India, Industrial Tablet Supplier India, Industrial Computer Manufacture India, Rugged Computer Distributor India, Rugged Computer Dealer India, Industrial Computer Distributor India, Industrial Computer Dealer India, Rugged Computer Reseller India, Industrial Computer Reseller India. Rugged Tablet Supplier India, Rugged Tablet Manufacture India, Industrial Tablet Supplier India, Industrial Tablet Manufacture India, Rugged Tablet Distributor India, Rugged Tablet Dealer India


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Elpro Technologies industrial portable computer offers comprehensive range of sizes and modular peripherals with integrated RFID reader, barcode reader, vehicle docking station, extension modules for diverse applications such as field service, manufacturing, warehouse management and fleet management. 


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When you’re out to set a higher standard, you need a tablet that not only rugged, but also smart, and tailored to your way of working. One that doesn’t force you to adjust your process or goals to accommodate the limits of its own abilities.

For Elrpo, toughness isn’t the end game…it just the starting point, table stakes for a purpose that far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you. It time to power your job performance and career aspirations to their highest level with a purpose-built Elpro tablet that perfectly matched and personally customized to work your way.


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Military and Defense computers can fulfill a wide variety of use cases and environments. Our rugged computers and panel PCs come in power efficient and high powered models, in large and small footprints.

Industrial & Manufacturing

The automation sector continually evolves and digitizes. Our product line includes rugged computers fulfilling the requirements IOT Gateways, HMI Panel PCs and Embedded Controllers. All designed for fanless operation with resistance to shock and vibration.

Oil & Gas

Whether the computer is needed for a monitoring system, or to run machinery, the oil and gas industry requires reliability in diverse conditions. Rugged fanless computers, in variable sizes are a necessity to fit each specific use case.


We carry a range of rugged computers specially designed for in-vehicle applications. These include features such as wide operating temperature range, wide input voltage range, power on ignition and certifications for in-vehicle and rail.

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